R. albrechtii Fearing's Farm Nursery R. augustinii 'Hobie'

Who we are and what we do:

We are a small nursery specializing in rare and exotic rhododendrons and azaleas, mostly species.

Most are grown from seed, which we get from the American Rhododendron Society seed exchange, from the Rhododendron Species Foundation, or from the Royal Horticultural Society seed list.

We try to get wild collected seed, identified by collector's numbers. Failing that we take hand pollinated seed from selected sources. We do not knowingly use open pollinated seed.

Thus we are able to offer rare varieties never available in ordinary nurseries, possible new species, and plants not previously in cultivation.

As our own collection grows - now some 1500 plants, 1100 of which are species - we expect to offer more and more plants grown from cuttings from especially nice individuals in our garden.