R. albrechtii Fearing's Farm Nursery R. augustinii 'Hobie'

What we sell:

Currently we have more than 300 clones for sale, mostly in 1 or 2 gallon pots. We unfortunately cannot mail plants. We usually have only a few of each variety, 3 or fewer for 40% of the varieties.


Even with species there can be some variation among individuals grown from seed. We can guarantee our plants are named as we received the seeds, but since most have not yet bloomed, we may not know that they were identified correctly when collected.

The plant list:

Generally plants are listed by the (sometimes older) name under which we got them. The 'source' gives the ARS, RSF or RHS seed number and 'comments' give the collector, where seed was collected, or other information about the origin of the plant. This list is usually updated each year in the early spring, before the selling season starts.