R. albrechtii Fearing's Farm Nursery R. augustinii 'Hobie'

Addenda and Errata:

One learns about species plants by observing them in one's own garden or in the gardens of friends. Thus it seems extremely important to us that distributors of species plants or seeds should be as careful as possible to ensure that what they distribute are actually pure species and not hybrids. For that reason we do not knowingly grow plants from open pollinated seeds, as they quite possibly will actually be hybrids of unknown parentage. In our view distribution of such plants or seeds contaminates our knowledge of rhododendron species and does a great disservice to rhododendron enthusiasts and to the entire rhododendron community.

Thus we try to get wild collected seed when possible and keep track of the collector's number, which is the unique identifier of a particular clone. When that is not possible we take hand pollinated seed from knowledgeable organizations or individuals. We also grow from cuttings of plants obtained from such places as the Rhododendron Species Foundation or ones in our own collection we think are properly identified. Even with such care one occasionally gets a hybrid, natural or otherwise, or a plant which has been misidentified. Part of the purpose of this page is to record those 'mistakes' as we become aware of them.

Seeds are normally collected when the plant is not in flower and so initially may be only tentatively identified. As the plants are grown and bloom it is often possible to identify the species exactly, and so that information is added here also. Finally as our knowledge of rhododendrons improves, plants are reclassified and names change. So we want to record some such changes here, at least when the plant was distributed under a now totally obsolete name.

The plants will be listed by the original name under which they were obtained. We then give the source, collector number, etc. and the new or corrected name if known. A comment field will explain the changes or new information.